Elise Pezzin x Reco

Elise is a french painter whose work is described by its gestures, shapes, and colors. Elements that resonate with our universe and that we want to honor and share with you. In this interview we share with you, we talked with her about her inspirations, creative process, and more.

What does color mean to you?

Sometimes (often in my case), gestures, shapes, colors speak louder than words. For a long time, I was out of my senses, out of my body, completely stunned. The only way I found to get out of it was to draw, scribble on corners of sheets, and meditate. Talking is far too intense for me. Reading and escaping into words makes me feel better, but I cannot use them to create my proper language. The things we express are not necessarily the things we feel; it is sometimes too difficult to share. With color, it’s different. It’s cathartic.

What emotion do you create with? What are you trying to convey/communicate?
I like turning around the painting, seeing it from all angles, and then taking a step back. I rarely give titles to my paintings. I want the viewer to make the work his own and project himself into his own story. This physical and silent dialogue moves me.

Your work looks intuitive and feminine. This closely also applies to color. Nevertheless, fleeting signs of contradiction are evident, for example, in more expressive forms, shapes… How much does that reflect your personality?

Intuitive, that’s right, I try to let myself go as much as possible when I sketch. Left-handedness, holding my pencils in a way that is not natural to me, is a process that amuses me and forces me to stop being always under control.

Feminine, less so. My paintings’ stories and landscapes don’t address a particular genre, and pigment doesn’t predestine for me.

What’s your painting routine? Do you paint every day, and where?

The compositions are made in two stages: some automatic drawings, sometimes geometrical, angular, or organic. Then I dive back into it, probably digest it, and explore colors. Have my feelings changed? Will I understand them differently? Then I try to bring it all together.

Which is your favorite RECO bag and why?

Reco has a whole collection of exceptional bags! I was immediately won over by the shapes, colors, textures, and sustainability! The Rombo style is very impactful and cheerful, as it is the Didi style, with its ultra-graphic line and color that can easily be matched with any outfit.

Which artist should everyone know and why?

Helen Frankenthaler is an artist I like very much, both for her spontaneity and her freedom.

Artwork by Elise Pezzin for Reco new collection
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Kristin Texeira x Reco

Kristin Texeira in an American artist who started our collaboration with women artists. She is a Brooklyn, New York-based, known for the painted abstractions and interactions with both persons and places. Kristin’s paintings create a lexicon of carefully crafted forms with a finely worked sensitivity to color and surface.

“I paint to remember. Through subtle shifts in colors or ranges of contrasting colors, I attempt to create something familiar, and — at the same time — something entirely elusive and intangible, like a forgotten word on the tip of one’s tongue.”
Kistin Texeira

“Color is what I see when I hear music, taste wine, or read the titles of short stories. It is how I decipher new places when traveling, and the people I meet along the way. Through color I am trying to remedy nostalgia; my paintings are the vessels that ferry viewers back in time, so they can encounter a moment again and again.”
Kistin Texeira