As a young brand, it is very important for us to apply an ethic and responsible methodology in every step and action of the process. We are committed to look constantly for improvement and innovation to achieve our goal of being as much sustainable as possible.


« After visiting many factories and tanneries during the past years, I was always surprised with the amount of leathers that was stocked in their warehouse. I’ve always thought there was a huge potential on it. » Bea Recoder

Reco strives to develop its own path in conscious manufacturing. At RECO we’ve decided to use only dead stock surplus for all our collections. This means we are not contributing to the production of leather, with all the negative environmental impact. Rather we seek to be creative with the available resources by up-cycling an already existing material, which is what sustainability is for us: doing the most with the available resources, using them consciously and adapting to constraints by being ever more more creative.


With special attention to color nuances and textures, Reco uses patchwork-inspired techniques to assemble together elements of qualitative leather. Every bag is the result of a process that explores different possibilities to create the most organic shape with the available material.
Reco is about comfort and softness. It is an ode to roundness and curves.


The consequence of using dead stock leather means that our quantities depends on the leather availability. We carefully select the leathers to ensure the best quality. Since the stock is limited, our collections exist in very small quantities (from 15 to 40 pieces per color). Once the leather is over, we can’t reproduce the same color anymore, unless we find it again in another stock, which is very difficult.

When you buy a RECO bag, you are buying a limited edition piece that is also unrepeatable.
Every RECO piece is individually numbered for authenticity.


Another decision we made in order to avoid overproduction is to make as far as possible only what the customers want, rather than trying to forecast demand and end up with unsold items. We therefore use a preorder system that doesn’t put any strain on our stakeholders from the tanneries to the factories with whom we have a long-standing relationship, from our team to the customer who values the fact that a well-made, sustainable and fair product takes time to mature.


Bea Recoder, founder of RECO, has a very close relation with our supplier after many years working on the luxury industry.

Where do the leather come from?

Our leathers are very qualitative and come from tanneries that we have personal relationships with. Our priority is to up-cycle an already existing material, but we try as much as possible to select only tanneries certified by Leather Working Group (LWG), an international organisation that evaluates the environmental compliance and performance of the leather industry. Our goal is to create our network of tanneries to ensure that they meet our ethical and sustainable requirements. More information coming soon.


Our factory in Ubrique (Spain): It is a small factory in the south of Spain where the magic happens. They have the knowhow of traditional luxury Leathergoods with the capacity of doing small quantities and special projects which is crucial for our business model based on small quantities. The help and support of her owner Laura has been key on the development of the products and we are very thankful.

Our factory in Chennai (India): Some of our bags require a complex and delicate process to assemble all the small leather pieces together. It is in this factory where they have the knowhow to master this technique. At RECO we privilege the fact that the product is completely manufactured in the same place rather than dividing the process in different countries, this is why those bags are completely manufactured in India. Our factory have the ultimate technology and capacity to do bigger quantities, nevertheless, they’ve accepted to support our project and work with RECO despite our small quantities. We are very grateful and looking forward to visit them again very soon.

At RECO we stand to keep a longterm relationship with our suppliers as we believe it is the best way to ensure the best quality at a fair price.


We’re also taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging we use and continually looking to minimise and optimise the materials. At RECO we’ve decided to focus most of our expenses on the one thing that truly matters: the product. This is why we sacrifice the cost of a premium packaging in order to offer the best price.

LESS IS MORE: Most of the time we end up throwing the cards and tags that comes with the product. At RECO, we are sending you a card with an artwork created in collaboration with a woman artist that we hope you will be happy to keep. You will find all the information about our collaborations here.

PLASTIC FREE: Our bags are delivered from the factory directly in their dust bags to avoid the plastic poly bag. But it is difficult to reduce 100% the plastic as it is used to protect certain accessories on the bags, such as the metal pieces. We are committed to find solutions to reach the no plastic goal.

UPCYCLED DUST BAG: Following the same approach as per our leathers, our dust bags are also made from dead stock fabric. This is why, if you buy more than one RECO product, you might get a dust bag in a different color and material. Our dust bags are produced in Spain very close to our handbag factory. For the following production we will do so with our factory in India.

RECYCLED AND RECYCLABLE: Our cardboard boxes are 100% recycled and recyclable.