Reco is a creative accessories brand that uses exclusively top-quality surplus leather. The brand produces its patchwork-inspired styles with an assemblage technique that makes the most out of already produced leather.

One of the consequences is that all our collections are produced in limited editions, to fulfill the demand of our prospective customers.

Overproduction and dormant inventory are two main issues resulting from the way that fashion functions today.
Reco seeks to offer customers new alternatives at a fair price without compromising on material quality and craftsmanship.


Reco was created in 2020 by the Paris-based Spanish designer Bea Recoder.

The brand was founded with the goal of exploring a different path to making creative products, especially by using all the surplus materials sitting idle and by researching alternative practices to the fashion industry’s current way of doing things, from making to selling to recycling.


With a special attention to color nuances and textures, Reco uses patchwork-inspired techniques to assemble together elements of qualitative leather. Every bag is the result of a process that explores different possibilities to create the most organic shape with the available material.

Bea Recoder has over ten years of experience in the fashion industry, most recently she has been freelancing for several luxury brands among which Paco Rabanne, Carven and Byredo. Prior, she held notable positions designing for brands such as Balenciaga and Chloé. Bea holds a Master of Arts in Fashion Design - Major in Leather Goods from the Institut Français de la Mode (Paris).

Reco comes from the designer's family name Recoder, an homage to all of the women of her family, specially her hermanas (sisters), las Reco.

“They’ve all been a strong inspiration to seek for a contemporary and realistic feminine aesthetics”
- Bea Recoder.


« During a period of retreat at home, after years working in the fashion industry, I rediscover the pleasure of the slow life. It was a time of introspection, feeling comfortable in my cocoon. That’s how Reco started, and I wanted to transmit that feeling into my collections.

RECO is my way of proposing different and unique accessories by using colors, playing with assembled shapes to create a product with a reassuring presence that makes you want to embrace it, like if you carry a little piece of home with you ”.
Bea Recoder - Founder and creative director of RECO.

Reco is about comfort and softness, the sensation of being embraced, that feel good factor of a Sunday morning spent in bed. It is an ode to the roundness, the curves and the beauty of every single woman’s body. It is about being feminine in their own way and resilient at the same time.